Why choose this Lodge? 

We offer walks for the jungle, visit to the Indigenous Community and the animal refuge.

Availabilily: Everyday
Activities: Cultural, recreative
Liana Lodge has capacity for 20 people, has a dining room area with a bar, hammock area.

We have 8 double cabins with en suite bathroom, excellent cuisine and Liana Lodge forms part of the rainforest project “Selva Viva” and boasts its own protected forest and an animal rescue centre which you are welcome to visit.

Located: 5 hours away from Quito on the shores of the River Arajuno – Tena

By car: From Quito (roughly 5 hrs): Take the route Quito – Papallacta- Baeza- Tena- Puerto Napo.
By bus: taking the bus at 7:00 hrs or 8:00 hrs from the Terminal Terrestre in Quito. You will arrive at the bus station in Tena at around 13:30 hrs, then to take the bus leaving Tena at 14:30 hrs. The bus leaves for Puerto Barantilla/ Santa Rosa del Napo, at the river a canoe is already waiting to pick you up and bring you to Liana Lodge.

AMAZOONICO (ANIMAL REFUGE): Visit of the rescue center for animals which is situated at 30 minute walk from Liana Lodge. (it’s possible to go by canoe as well). The team of volunteers will show you the selva’s animals : monkeys, parrots, ocelots… Most of the animals live free, however, some of them are kept in cages for their own security. After the tour, you will have the opportunity to go to the bar and the small shop which presents the kichwa’s artisanal work.

VIEWER: You will discover the jungle in walking to the Mirador, where you have a wonderfull view over the Island Anaconda and the village of Ahuano. On the way, our guide will tell you a lot about the fauna and flora of the Selva. Then, direction Amazoonico (possibility to visit the animals rescue center). From there, you have the choice to go back to Liana Lodge : by canu, on foot, or with the tubes.

RODRIGUEZ RIVER: One day tour. You walk through the jungle to the Mirador (see above) where you can enjoy a small break and refreshing drinks. Discovering the protected area of Selva Viva, you arrive at the Rio  Rodriguez where you can relax by enjoying your meal served in leaves of platanillos and taking a bath. All over the day, the kichwa guide shares his knowledge about the flora and fauna with you. He explains to you which plants are used by the kichwas for medicine and which one for roof construction, blowguns and so on. Concerning the fauna, you will have the opportunity to observe an interesting variety of insects (butterfly, ants,
and termite) and maybe amphibias. However, the chances that you see bigger mamals are small because usually they are night-active or very discreet. After the break you continue your walk until amaZOOnico (visit possible) from where you can get back to Liana Lodge by canoe or tubes.

QUICHUA FAMILY: Walk to Anaconda islad to observe traditional products of kichwas families (banana, café, cacao, papaya…). Then visit a kichwa family where you can drink typical beverage “chicha” and practice lowgun.

BALSA: y canoe, you go up the Rio Arajuno until the Rio Cosano. On a small beach, you build a kichwa traditional raft on which you can float down the Rio to Liana Lodge. It is as well possible to swim beside the raft.

BOYAS: After going up the Rio by canoe, you can float down the river on a tube until Liana Lodge. Great fun! This activity is generally combined with another tour to get back to Liana Lodge.