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We are Alexia Travel And Cruises, an adventure tour operator based in Quito, Ecuador. We want to be your new alternative for spending your holiday exploring authentic Ecuador and the enchanting Galapagos Islands. One of our main goals is to show the most demanding travelers the wonders of these unique and amazing places in South America.


The Alexia Travel And Living Team is a group of professionals in the tour industry with more than 10 years of experience who initially work as tour guides, and then as tour operators. In the final stages we use our knowledge and experience to produce a new company which will help you, the tourist, get the best of the best. We are committed to making your experience with us an unforgettable one!


As an Ecuadorian native I was raised to love nature, animals and adventure. I now enjoy introducing my beautiful country to the rest of the world, and sharing these experiences together. Now at Alexia Travel And living, my aim is to help others experience new cultures for themselves and learn about the adventures awaiting in a foreign country.

Victoria Torres

Sales Executive

Giovanny was born in Quito, and his passion for this amazing country made him decide to attend the Tourism Specialist University of Quito in the year 2000. His final work was to include one Indigenous Community to the Tourism Industry. After his degree he took one extra year in Colonial Art – San Francisco Church (Quito). He had the opportunity to move to the Cloud Forest (Mindo) for half a year in order to learn about and get involved in birdwatching and plants. Living in the Andes surrounded by volcanos made trekking and biking part of his life. All these experiences have accompanied him working as a National Tourism Guide since 2006, making unforgettable experiences to the tourists.

Giovanny Sandoval

National Tour Guide

Freddy has been a professional tour guide since 1994. He studied in a prestigious university in Ecuador and is very proud of his country as it is teeming with tourism opportunities. He believes that tourism is Ecuador’s chance to be put on the map and recognised as one of the main places to visit in the world because of its fascinating diversity and the extraordinary geographic location on the equator.
Every day he learns more about Ecuador in order to provide a better service to his clients and friend. He works in an orderly, relaxed and fun way, according to the interests of the tailor made programs that the clients request, ensuring that tourists can get the most out of their stay in each place and region.
Freddy has extensive experience in the different routes of the country in the mountains, the Amazon and the Ecuadorian coast. In each of these regions he guides tourists with great dedication and enthusiasm, turning each place into a memorable experience. He believes that not only is it necessary to have the technical and descriptive knowledge of each site, but also to create an atmosphere of warmth for tourists so that the trip is more fun, and that every tourist becomes an adventurer who wants to explore every corner of the country.

Freddy Nasevilla

National Tour Guide

Santiago has worked as a professional tour guide for 29 years, has a university degree in Tourism and has worked in different areas of tourism including operations & operations manager. As an Ecuadorian native, he brings a world of knowledge not only about the country and it’s beauty but also offers a personal glimpse into the customs of Ecuador. With him, you can discover the different corners and landscapes of this diverse country. His vast experience as a guide means he can offer hiking, trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and much more. Along with his experience in Ecuador, he can also take you to explore neighboring Columbia. He promises you an unforgettable journey!.

Santiago Mata

National Tour Guide

When Valeria left primary school, she climbed “El Chimborazo”, Ecuador’s highest volcano. That trip literally changed the course of her life, as it was then that she realized she was compelled to see the rest of her country. A free spirit, a lover of the outdoors, and a passionate biker, Valeria is always seeking out her next journey, and now she is able to combine her skills with her personal passion for travel. She is also a lover of hiking, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Valeria Campaña

Tour Guide

Enjoy the  most fascinating experiences

trains, colonial cities

Forest walks, bird watching, communities


Alexia Travel & Cruises offers different options to enjoy Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. You can enjoy a variety of natural landscapes, flora and fauna.

Whether it’s for one day or two-week vacation, our experienced, professional and customer-focused guides make all the difference. Enjoy your visit with us.

make your experience with us an unforgettable one!